Are you kidding me?

OK. So last night I was planning to take Stephanie to go see the Monet exibit at the NC Museum of Art. I love art, although probably not enough to go spend money to look at it, but I thought it would be a fun date night. So I go online to look up the cost and hours and everything, and wouldn’t you know it: the only day that the museum is closed is Monday…

And sure enough, the art museum in Chapel Hill, as well as the one at Duke are both closed on Monday… only Monday! Who sent out the memo that art lovers get Monday off???

But that’s not what I’m writing about…

Our alternative plan was to get some dinner and then start looking at stores where we might register for four wedding (oh yeah kids… break out those checkbooks :0)

So we’re in Bed, Bath, and Beyond — walking around… looking at this and that and gauking about the prices of somethings… imagining what it’ll be like when all this wedding madness is over and we can finally just be husband and wife, and then we saw it… A trash can with a price tag of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Let that sink in. One hundred dollars… as in, you can go to the dollar tree and buy ONE HUNDRED trash cans for the price of this one. And that doesn’t take into account that you gotta buy SEPERATE BATTERIES for this thing!
You wanna know why it was a hundred bucks? It has an infrared motion sensor, so the lid automatically opens when you get close to it. A trash can for people who are too lazy to open the lid.

So, I now know how I’m going to get rich so we can move overseas: The “TDL” appliance line. “TDL” stands for “Too Dern Lazy”. Our products will be for people who are too dern lazy to do the unreasonable, difficult tasks, such as:

  • turn on the faucet
  • plug in the vaccuum cleaner
  • flush the toilet

…you get the idea!

So what do you think. The TDL trashcan is already out in the stores, so what should be our first product to market and make our millions on. You never know… YOU could be our first business partner :0)