O Holy One

This poem is from the last episode of 722 that they posted.
I heard it performed and loved it so much that I jotted it down.
I don’t know the name of the author, so if you do, please let me know so I give credit where it’s due.

Please share any thoughts you have about this:

o Holy One
o Holy One

only Son Who chose
to be robe-lessly de-throned for the lowly ones
yeah, for lowly me

see, before i was even known
to me grace was shown
for you see this day has been long-awaited
the throng of angels stated “Glory be…”
to God
for the Savior has come
to set you free

for sin has pervaded the nation
and their only saving grace
lies in the face of a baby
swaddling clothes and a manger

how unworthy of a King

birthed in love
who’s only service was
the service of us
showing us our purposes
turning us into worshipers
of Him

grace it was
saving us
He came to us
to take the taste of death away from us
take the sting of satan from us
never paining us again

glory to Your name
glory to the King
I’m not worth the price You paid
for the purchase of me
I’m not worth the life You gave
for the weight of my sins
I’m not even worth the birth pains of Mary

what’s worse
is that they cursed and spat in Your face
as the blood ran out of Your face
i thank You Jesus
’cause as death ran out of Your way
it ran out of me

and i believe You
in You and of You
there’s nothing above You
i love You
believe me
and never leave me

’cause Your judgement comes
to the ones who succumb to the demon
but because of Your love
we are free men

so praise Him
praise Him
praise the raised One
the Savior has come

born in bethlehem
the slain lamb has come
to erase sins
and raise disgraced men
to places of greatness

so i say yes
Lord, whatever You request of me
the answer is yes
i pour out my whole life
a living sacrifice ’till my death

like a lightning rod
i will siphon the might of Your light down
to the lifeless ones

strike me twice if You want
take my life if You want
it’s Yours

i give it all to You
yes, i give it all up
but Lord, give me more of You
’cause all of me is not enough

show Your light in me
this spark that You ignited inside of me
is violently rising in me

let it explode Lord
let it flow Lord

free me from myself
lead me to Yourself
i know You need me to Yourself

nothing else
nothing else

Lord You brought me from such a long way
from sore knees on the floor
crying every day
You told me to walk the path chosen by You
now look what You’ve molded me to

You took me from nothing and You made me something

Jesus, You heard my prayers when nobody cared
if they don’t understand
it’s ’cause they weren’t there

they don’t know all the things that You’ve done for me
they don’t know all the lonely nights that You comforted me
they weren’t there through death scares that You brought me through
they weren’t there through child affairs that You taught me through

they don’t understand the tears on my face
and the weight on my back
they don’t understand the pain that i’ve had

but You do

You understand pain

they didn’t praise Your name when You came
they cursed You
hurt You
denied You three times
they betrayed You
hated You
doubted You
in Your hardest time they deserted You
from birth they tried to murder You

they didn’t know

we didn’t know

we didn’t know that You were King
we didn’t know that You came to bring us salvation
we didn’t know that the baby in the manger
would one day raise us and show us favor

we didn’t know about the Alpha and Omega
we didn’t know that the messages You gave us
were of divine nature

we didn’t know

Lord, forgive us
for we know not what we do

if we knew…

if we knew