Holy Cow!!!

Cows… Interesting creatures, those cows. The ones at chic-fil-a are sneaky, and bad at spelling…

I like chick-fil-a. I like getting one buffalo sauce and one ranch and mixing them together for my waffle fries. I love their sweet tea, but I usually feel guilty when I drink it. I am afraid it will make my skin break out. They also have really good milk shakes, which gets me to thinking: are they really so cow friendly if they take all their milk? And they have ham biscuits in the morning. Notice how you’ve never seen those pigs getting any attention.

I don’t like getting attention. But I do like to hear from people. I’ve heard from three great friends who I haven’t heard from in a while this week. I’m learning the value of good friends. I really appreciate certain friends.
I have one really good friend who just got married not too long ago. He’s always telling me how awesome marriage is and how much he loves it and how hard it is.

I’m learning that life is hard, but usually worth it. It’s part of the Story we’re in.
I think my story has had four parts so far. Now I’m about to start the transition to the fifth.

One reason that life is hard is that time seems to go by so fast. You wake up and everything is different and you wish you had enjoyed the previous days more… the previous months more…

But I guess you just have a choice: you can waste time mourning, or choose to enjoy today!