Quick Recap

So, I tried to think of how I could give you a quick snapshot of the last 8 months of our lives. Here it goes. Zack this time last year was in Central Asia, but God is sovereign and he was sent back to his home in Henderson, NC. I on the other hand, was just finishing up seminary wondering what my next steps were going to be. So one day sitting at the dry cleaners I thought about having lunch with Colleen (pastor’s wife) at Bob Evans. We’re sitting contemplating should we have lunch or breakfast. She was drawing a picture of her house (I’m definitely a visual learner), showing me her grandchildren etc.

Then she asked the old famous question: so what are you going to do after seminary? I told her that I was praying about going overseas again. The next words that came out of her mouth were: “I know this guy”
Then she started talking about Zack at that point and said he was in Afghanistan sharing the Gospel. I thought wow, that’s pretty intense but I was not interested (matchmaking is not fun). She said well let me work on that.

Zack and I began corresponding on email. It’s important I mention this that Zack pursued me from the beginning. It’s biblical and I am so thankful for his leadership even in that. We met on the 4th of July and got engaged on September 15th, 2006.

We had a few trips and exciting adventures over the course of a few months. So, I’m going to include some pictures briefly showing the time elapsed since we’ve been together. Ok..phew that wasn’t too long.