Great Article About Worship

I’m posting this on behalf of my friend Stephen, since he keeps his blog under a password :0(

He pointed to a great article from Christianity Today entitled, “It’s All About Who, Jesus?”

This little blurb will let you know what you’re in for:

When we’re not affirming God for how well we’re nurtured, our songs often congratulate ourselves on how well we respond to God’s grace. Have you noticed how much we sing about how loud or passionately we sing? We talk a lot about what we’re going to do—usually in the singular: I will worship, I will praise you, I will bow down, etc., etc. One beautiful and well-intentioned song even tells us that God thinks of “me above all.”

As my professor friend says, “Begging your pardon: the only person who thinks of Me above all is Me.”

If it’s not in our singing, it’s in our preaching. Whether it’s contemporary meet-my-needs sermons or old-fashioned fire-and-brimstone, the focus seems to circle in the vicinity of getting our fine wide souls into heaven, and between now and then, into better circumstances here on earth. And yes, I may be overstating the case. But then again, am I?

Any thoughts?