Why this is NOT a bad day

This article about what the past few weeks have been like for people in Uzbekistan is real reality check. This is what people around the world experience every day just for trying to follow Jesus. I encourage you to subscribe to the blog at www.Registan.net for perspective served up every day. It’s usually more political than anything, but I benefit a lot from it.
Here’s how the article begins:

Following a January raid on a private home in Nukus in north-western Uzbekistan where 18 Protestants had gathered, one of those present, Salauat Serikbayev, faces criminal trial for teaching religion illegally, Forum 18 News Service has learnt. There is a three year maximum sentence if convicted and the hearing is set for 24 April. The host of the meeting, Grigory Ten, was fined more than many local people earn in a year on 9 April, and his hymnbook was ordered to be confiscated. In the eastern city of Andijan, three members of the embattled church led by Dmitry Shestakov – imprisoned on 9 March – are also facing possible prosecution. In Samarkand police swooped on an outdoor Protestant Easter service. Several prominent Protestants are facing death threats and the daughter of one pastor was traumatised after being kidnapped by unknown young men.