Another Reason To Appreciate America And Pray For Central Asia

Here’s a story that gives a little bit of clarity to why the U.N. calls Uzbekistan’s government the 5th most corrupt in the world.


Farmers and officials in eastern Uzbekistan are likely to face criminal charges for growing crops that they can sell, instead of the cotton and wheat demanded by the state.

The case highlights the problems facing farmers in Uzbekistan, who in theory belong to the private sector but in practice are tied into Soviet-style rules under which they are bound to grow cotton and grain and sell it to the state at artificially low prices.

This is reality. In fact, all college and university students are FORCED to live out in the cotton fields for 5-10 weeks and pick a required yield of cotton every day in order to remain enrolled in school!

This is the type of persecution that believers there face. They are not always physically hurt (although it certainly happens… and WAY to often), but bullied by manipulation of the rules. For example:

“Last year, I was prevented from transferring money from my account to pay the institute where my son is studying,” he said. “Even though I had enough money in the account, I was forced to take out a loan at a high rate of interest.”

Take 10 minutes. Read the story. Pray for Central Asia. Thank God you were born in America…

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