Moving In

Well, this weekend was amazing. Quick Re-cap.

Pirates of the Carribean was great, but I have to wait for the next one! Goodness gracious. Saturday was packing day and can I just say for anyone who’s ever packed make sure you have everything organized. I still can’t find stuff! The other night Zack said “just put the bedroom together while I unpack” (from our camping trip). I couldn’t even find the bed skirt to the bed!

After we packed everything in the house we set out on our adventure to the mountains. Zack took me to Asheville. I think I was going stir-crazy and I just needed a weekend away from Durham. I’m so used to going somewhere every weekend, and my honey decided that we’d go camping. I was really excited about it except when we got to the camp site and realized there were no stakes to hold down the tent. In my mind, I could see a gust of wind picking up the tent and putting it in the creek (just kiddin). We just rested, which I really appreciated because lately I haven’t felt like I could take a breath.

We puttered around Montreat and the towns soaking up all that God created. It was a chance for us to laugh and have fun. Hmmm…what else? Oh yea, there was a baby bird that fell out of the nest and for 20 minutes I was worried sick about the poor thing. The next morning he was no where to be found so I’m going to believe that the parents put out a rescue mission and saved the bird.