yet another reason why today is a good day

So, every couple of weeks, I head down to the ‘quicky lube’ — or whatever it’s called — and the nice people there change my oil.

And of course they punch my car into their handy-dandy computer and tell me all the things I should pay them to fix… which is sometimes helpful and usually just makes it a tad bit harder to sleep at night.

This past time, they gave me this rediculous checklist and basically told me that my car needs some serious internal surgery — to which I said, “Oh gosh, I’ll have to have that looked at some time,” but politely declined when they offered to get started for a reasonable fee.

Well, yesterday Dad took the car to the Toyota dealership where he works and some of his trusted friends took a look just to see if there are any major problems. Last night he called me to tell me the damage. Here’s how the conversation started:

Dad: “Hey son, how are you doing?”

Me: “Good. We’re just getting ready to have a little dinner.”

Dad: “Hmmm… I have some information about your car. Do you want me to call back after dinner?”

Me: “Eek. No – What’s the damage?”

Dad: “Have a seat and get a pen.”

He proceeded to tell me that I need a new radiator, rear axle, brake lines, rack and pinion system, O-rings, gaskets, oil pan, some kind of valve… oh and windshield wipers

– which is going to cost a grand total of $1,050 — with his ‘hey cut my son a break’ discount…

How do you plan for that one in the ol’ budget?