Some various thoughts

Over 2 years later, “United We Stand” by Hillsong United is still the best thing I’ve ever had on my ipod.

I need Jesus more than the air I breathe.

Being grown up is expensive.

Life goes by really fast.

Celebrating your victories is essential.

Good friends are more valuable than you think.

Brian Regan‘s new DVD is not nearly as good as his previous stuff.

Church life can be very painful.

The Gospel is very simple, and has nothing to do with politics, religion, or personal preferences.

Following Jesus is the most exciting and fulfilling thing you can imagine.

Stress is a very bad thing, and always destructive.

Insecurity is worse, and may be the most powerful tool of Satan against the Church — collectively and individually.

I miss going to concerts… especially small ones.

Words are really, really powerful… for good and for destruction.