What He is teaching me

Everyone has asked me what has God been teaching you since you’ve been home? The response I usually give is a lot, but I want to share what He’s been teaching me lately. Be still is probably the one that keeps coming back. I have been going to school forever and I’ve been running for 25 years. When I say running I mean constantly trying to make myself busy like Martha. Serving people, going overseas, getting married, being a wife….it’s a little overwhelming when you think about it but it’s given me great thoughts about God. For the longest time I always found myself through the eyes of other people, what people thought, or said. For the first time in my life, I’m learning that there’s only one approval I want and it’s Jesus Christ. Now when I say I’m learning I really do mean that. I’m by no means an expert and probably don’t know the first thing, but it comes down to this for me. My worth and value should not be from someone or something, but wrapped up in my Heavenly Father.

This week has been an absolute struggle because I’m more emotional and more insecure than usual (I hope some girls can relate) and more and more I’m hoping that Zack can tell me “you are valued”. Don’t get me wrong I know that Zack is over the moon for me and loves me so much, but I wanted to find my worth in what he said. The truth is that not one person will understand you or truly know you as you are. So on Tuesday Zack and I had a heart to heart and I just poured out my guts to the Lord. I took everything that I wanted to say and just said ok here! That what He is teaching me, but more and more He’s showing me Him. One thing I will say is that my husband is such an example to me. In the morning he gets up at 5:30 just to spend time in the Word before he goes to work. He’s compassionate and gentle and is so concerned in making sure I’m washed in His Word. Thanks honey!!!!!!


Zack’s dad sold the Bronco yippeeee!!!!

Prayer Requests

Adrienne (my sister) and Drew –still in Iraq (for 8 mos.)

My dad’s back (it’s acting up again)

Katie (my sister-in-law) is going to a specialist. The doc told her that her hormones are really low.

Teresa (Zack’s mom) had a pap test and they found a lesion.

Micah (my friend Sarah’s little boy) –It’s a long story, but if you want to know more check out Justin and Sarah’s blog. They have been laid on my heart for a long time ever since I knew.