Peter Rabbit

For the past two weeks, Zack and I have been dog/cat sitting since my parents are in Italy. It’s been fun having Zack have the flexibility to work from home so that I don’t have to spend it up here alone. Let me tell you how interesting it has been. The other day Zack and I were talking and I heard this strange whelping noise and here comes the cat on the back porch with a baby bunny in her mouth. I freaked out and asked Zack to get the cat inside which he did. I stared at this helpless little bunny who was sitting in a corner. I didn’t know what to do..except try and make the bunny feel at ease from all of the commotion. Zack and I carefully put it in a box and let it go free. Since then she has had the bunny 2 other times and yesterday I did not let her out at all. Usually Sparky has been known to kill bunnies/birds/snakes and leave them on the front porch as a present. I wish I had a picture to show you, but I call the little bunny Peter Rabbit.