so far, pt. 2

*Let me begin by clarifying that by putting quotes around ‘Palagian heresy’, I’m not saying it isn’t heresy, and by referencing Erwin, I’m not affirming that everything he teaches and believes is good and true. Follow me through this series of posts, and if you have concerns at the end, I most definitely want to know.

It’s as if life and reality are becoming a little clearer every day… I’m becoming more alive. And I’m trying to figure out whether I like this process.
About three weeks ago, Steph and I were at one of our favorite high-end restaurants, Chic-fil-a, and we saw this woman walking through the parking lot, who was obviously homeless. This isn’t a shocking site in Durham or Raleigh, but it’s actually pretty rare in Henderson, which is where we were visiting my folks. We decided to chase her down and buy her lunch in the hopes that we could talk to her a little bit — learn from her, pray for her, and hopefully even share the Gospel with her.

I’ll spare you the long version of the story, mostly because I never read long posts and I don’t expect you to either… but the short version is that this woman was OUT THERE. She told us that her name is ‘walking song’. She is a spirit collector. She sees these spirits sitting on people’s heads. They go from person to person, and some people have more than one. She collects them. She believed in Jesus, but said that there are many Jesus’. The one in the Bible is different than the one who will come back some day. And there’s another Jesus still who is alive in the world today.

Now, depending on who you are, you read this encounter differently. My belief might surprise you: I believe she’s right, in a way… not about the different Jesus and stuff, but I believe that when she says ‘spirit’, she means ‘demon’, and that she is possessed by many of them, and sees them active in the world.

If you were to paint this hypothetical situation for me, and ask me what I would do, I would probably say, with sincerity, that I would preach the Truth to this woman. I would pray over her and cast the demons out of her. I would bring her to Jesus to be healed and delivered.
But you know what: I was there, and more than anything, I just wanted to give her a hug. I wanted to cry. And — brace yourself, here it comes — I think that’s because I’m just a little more like Jesus than I used to be.