Vacuum Story

We didn’t register for a vacuum in our wedding registry because my sister had given me her old one. So, for weeks I “vacuumed” but nothing would really come up. We had random fuzzies on the carpet 1. because it was new. and 2. because the vacuum wasn’t picking it up. Well I continued using the vacuum thinking that it was the carpet. Last Friday I tried vacuuming the house and I couldn’t do long pushes with the vacuum so I told Zack we needed a new one. Zack’s mom didn’t want us to spend money on one so she gave us one of the two she had. Zack vacuumed the carpet and it was phenomenal. All of the fuzzies were up and we both looked at each other like “wow look at all of that”. Then Zack said it’s been 4 1/2 months since you vacuumed!