Do you take time to notice beauty?

I was just listening to a podcast from Providence Baptist Church, and the speaker, Chip, mentioned a story that really struck me (so much that I’m sharing it with you :0).

The Washington Post did a sort of ‘experiment’ earlier this year. They asked world-renowned violinist Joshua Bell — possibly the greatest violinist alive — to take his 3.5-million-dollar violin to the L’Enfant Plaza metro station in Washington DC and play for a while. They carefully chose some music that is recognized as the most beautiful and popular classical music, so that he would stand out, compared with anything else that people might have heard. The experiment was about seeing whether people stop to notice beauty.

Know what happened? This guy sells out venues months in advance at over $100 a ticket, and two – as in less than three and slightly greater than one – two people stopped to listen, and his ‘tips’ jar had less than $33 dollars in it when it was all said and done.

Do people notice beauty? You decide: