Guinea Jubilee

The Guinea Jubilee. It’s pretty funny if you are from Gloucester you know what it’s all about. However, the Guinea Jubilee for me was right around the time of my birthday so in a weird way I relate to it that way. In Gloucester there is a specific place called Guinea. The people who live there are mainly water men who crab and fish. Some like to poke fun because they have distinct and thick accents, but I only know them as people I love and were around a lot. Every fall around the last weekend in September is when they have the Guinea Jubilee. There is a parade and lots of different booths that have food and crafts. Think of it as a state fair, but much smaller in size. You can see lots of people you know and enjoy the food too! I was excited to take Zack because he had never been…

Growing up I was always in the parade because I used to be on the flag team (for those of you who didn’t know that). It was hard because we had to wear heavy uniforms which were extremely hot, but it was a lot of fun. This year I felt like one of the judges who would comment on the routines they were doing. Zack was laughing at me and getting my take on what was going on. I would say color guard jargon “they are phasing” which is a fun phrase which means they are not together or “brain sucking” which means that the did not know the routine at all. We had fun hanging out with Mr. Billy who married us and gave us some ear plugs for the loud firetrucks.

The food was great: we had…fish chowder, french fries, sweet potato fritter, and some almonds that were dipped in sugar and vanilla (my favorite). Here are some pics and Zack absolutely loved the car show..:0) (click here to see all the photos)