Learning, Learning, Learning

Last summer I ended up finishing my degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary where there was so many different things thrown at me. From church history to counseling women and everything between I was constantly learning. In some ways, looking back on it…it was definitely preparation for me. The past year and a half has been an awesome time and a stretching time for me. I have truly learned what it means to think to put others above yourself. I always thought I knew what that meant, but through my marriage to Zack it’s so practical…

I’m going to try and tell you some things that I’ve been learning. For my birthday Zack and I were both in Virginia house/dog sitting for mom and dad while they spent 2 weeks in Italy (where mom has dreamed of going for years). This time for Zack and I was the hardest 2 weeks of our marriage. There was so much spiritual warfare around us it was difficult to see through the storm. Before I got married people would tell me that the first year is so hard. Some couples may say no, the first year was great…Zack and I are learning that it is great, but it’s a lot to learn too. God has shown me that to put Zack’s needs above my own are vital. For me that has been the biggest lesson because in my flesh “I want my own way”! Zack is always saying “I don’t know how couples without Christ do it” which is so true. Without him we’d be spinning our wheels and the only thing I can think of is how He has been our anchor and rock through this all.

In Virginia we spent some time with friends at my birthday party, which was not what Zack had expected, but there were some dear friends that hung out with me on that day. We loved spending that time walking around williamsburg getting Starbucks and enjoying each other. I will always say this, it doesn’t matter what we do, but who we are spending the time with. It’s always a refreshing time to have those experiences and memories to treasure with my heart. Here’s some pictures of our time there…I’ll write another blog about the Guinea Jubilee.

Birthday party at Chilly's