Catching up

Alright! So my husband has told me (a number of times) to update this blog, which I admit has been neglected from me for awhile. But, isn’t it great to see some blogs from Zack?!? Anybody?? Okay, I’ve been slacking a while but I have a great reason. I forgot the password to log on and write. It’s silly I know.

He briefly mentioned us going to N.Y. again to see my friend Ellen get married to Peter Bamford. It was a sweet time of getting to know Ellen’s family. I met her aunt and I think she had 8 kids (not all of them are her biological kids). She loved each and every one of them as her own. She does 8 loads of laundry (I thought I did a lot) a day. Isn’t that crazy?! The wedding was beautiful in this church and the weather was gorgeous and the leaves were blazing with these fiery colors. Too fun!

The festivities came to an end and it was time to go to the Bed and Breakfast. It’s funny because last night I was dreaming about that place. There is so much countryside and gorgeous trees to take in. It was like soaking up all of God’s goodness. Plus I had some fun memories with my husband. My favorite was when we made our videos about the ducks on the pond and my husband says “I’m not sure if these ducks are trying out for the AFLAC commercial or Duck Idol”. I could not for the life of me hold the camera still. Our weekend getaway came to a close and it was back to our neck of the woods…

It’s almost Thanksgiving and there’s so much to be thankful for. For all of you Extreme Home Makeover people (I love that show) I was watching it the other day and was so touched by a single father’s story. Yes, I cried (they do it to me everytime) and kept thanking the Lord for my husband our house, everything we have. It made me think about the Durham Rescue mission that I used to pass by everyday. The reason I mention this is because we got something in the mail from to give a meal during Thanksgiving. Since I’ve been married I have understood what it means to give. There are times Zack has brought a need that someone may have of electricity or bills that someone needs to pay. I am so grateful that God brought me my husband. He is such a compassionate man who is willing to give everything not just to someone, but to the Lord. I am bragging about my husband, but more than ever about God. I didn’t expect to write this, but I’m just reflecting on how God has stretched me through my husband. I’m not so hung up about keeping things to myself, but learning to give what others don’t have. Food for thought. I’ll write more later!


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