Have you noticed all of the decorations at the store? The Christmas music on the radio? It’s hard to believe that Zack and I are ready for Thanksgiving. It seems like yesterday that we just met, but at the same time it seems like ages. Yesterday we spent some time with Zack’s family because we’ll be in Virginia for Thanksgiving. My sister (Adrienne) is coming all the way from Las Vegas to spend time with the fam and she’s flying in to RDU. I just hope she can catch a glimpse of all of the beauty that is here. I’m going to scoop her up at the airport and then head on to Virginia while Zack finishes up work to meet us. It’s a shame he can’t come with us, but he would probably get bored of all of the “girl talk”.

I’m so excited that she’s coming, but please pray for her. Her husband is in Iraq and he won’t be here for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I just want her to feel so much love this season of her life. We’re going to hit up the turkey and then hopefully come back and decorate our Christmas tree. I am absolutely jumping for joy on the inside..I’m like hurry up!!!!



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