Rumors, Gossip, and Keeping Your Mouth Shut

Sometimes I agree with Steven Furtick, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m probably just jealous of him… the dude is 2 years older than me and he’s leading a congregation of close to 3,000 these days.

I will give him credit for updating his blog every single weekday though. And two days ago, his post was right on point.

He writes about spreading rumors, and how damaging it can be. He says he keeps a personal policy of never passing on news about someone else if it’s negative. That’s hard core.

Here’s an excerpt:

Ever since I gave my life to Christ as a 16 year old, I tried to remain devoutly committed to the sacred practice of keeping my mouth shut when presented with the opportunity to say something negative about someone God is using.
Even when the criticism is valid (because even the most anointed people stumble and fall), I see no value in spreading the criticism like gangrene.

This is particularly significant to me lately, because in the last year, I’ve really seen the power of rumors to tear down men of God.

A few weeks ago, we had lunch with some folks from the church we used to serve at, and they told us that a leader of the church announced in a service that we had to step back because we were on the verge of divorce.

Ummm…. no. Not a chance. If you wanted to separate me from my wife, you’d have to kill me. I mean it…

Two days ago I heard a rumor about a leader from that same church. I didn’t even blink. Whether it’s true or not, and it probably isn’t, it’s none of my business…