Couple quick links

Been a busy, busy week, and I’m not keeping ye ol’ blog up as much as I would like to…

Here are a few links you may be interested in with all your Christmas free time…

A physicist explains that Santa basically has 34 microseconds to visit each house.

50 people were killed and 80 injured in a suicide bombing at a mosque this morning. (What are you stressed about again? Oh, right, Christmas bills…)

A key source for rumors about Apple products has been shut down after a nasty lawsuit.

I found the Uzbek national anthem on this page, and it’s practically a missionary prayer for the country! (A lot of the rest of the info on the page is inaccurate though…)

I’ve been listening to a lot of NPR when I’m on the road, and some of the segments are so good that I’ve been listening to the podcasts while I work. Last night, there was a show called ‘Fresh Air’, and the guest is a professor at Baylor University that is trying to digitize every single black gospel recording between 1945 and 1970. They played a lot of really old stuff during the show, and I realized that most of modern music comes from Gospel… It was a really good educational experience. You can download it for free from iTunes here