Dan’s Party

On Saturday we got a really funny voice mail from our friend Dan who then handed the phone to his wife so she could give us details about coming to his birthday party on Monday (I guess he just got tired of being the middle man).

We met Dan and Sarah last year at a picnic and have hung out with them quite a bit. They make us laugh so much and they love Jesus. We got there a little bit late, but were only the second couple to arrive so we weren’t sweating it. Dan turned 29 and got Nerf guns for his birthday! I think Zack was jealous because he shot Dan in the face (ouch)!

After singing and Dan blowing out his candles on his decadent chocolate walnut cake we played Pictionary Telephone. For all of you who have not played it was hilarious!! We laughed and laughed until we were tearing up.

It’s the only game in the world where ‘toss’ becomes ‘loch ness monster’ and ‘I like cake’ becomes ‘Dan and Frankenstine have a lot in common’.

Mike and Vonda — the couple who leads the children ministry at our church — had 3 boys who were playing with all of Sarah’s props and brought different hats and wigs out (one of which was a mullet). Zack put it on and I just giggled at how funny everyone looked. There’s nothing better than sitting down with other believers and getting to know those that you see week in and week out and listen to how God brought them together, what struggles they have, and to laugh together. We had so much fun…

Here are some pics of our night:

dscf4476.jpg dscf4479.jpg dscf4487.jpg