Dear Jesus,

Someday, when I grow up — if I ever grow up — I would like to work at a church much like North Point… although, preferably, I would like it to be in a very dark country… say, Uzbekistan.

Carlos Whitaker over at RagamuffinSoul reflects on this past year as he stepped down from a position as lead worshiper to be a different kind of spot:

This is why North Point Ministries is what it is.
Churches…Take Notes…

1. I have been empowered to work within my sweet spot. That is motivating the masses to thrive in who they are. Not who I think they should be….

2. I am blown away by this healthy work environment. The reason why there are like 20,000 or so people a weekend is because everyone on staff leaves it all on the court on Sundays. This place is saturated in health. Even the unhealthy things I see are healthier than most environments.
3. They take hiring here VERY seriously. I think only the FBI has more interviews before you are hired. This ensures that the right person is hired.
4. This is a mega-church that CRUSHES every mega-church myth out there. This is the most relational, least corporate group of people you have ever seen. Within the 400 plus full time staff, there is a family feel that only can come from true family. Not “staff culture”.
5. Excellence is seen as a friend and not a foe. Authenticity does not mean fly by the seat of your pants. It means going where your heart leads ON PURPOSE.
6. Everyone of my team members at Buckhead Church can quit tomorrow and make TRIPLE what they are making here. But they choose to give their talents to the church. I am constantly overwhelmed by this. Not one person here has to be here.
7. When much of popular Christendom has decided to focus on the unhealthy aspects of church and create a place that is “healthier”, North Point Ministries is focusing on leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Not on what is wrong with all else around them. Therefore, guess what? You have lots of people growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Go figure.