Describe your ideal church fellowship

So… first, a quick recap:

I don’t like the church I went to in high school.

In college I got plugged in to a much better fit, but I was so busy doing Campus Crusade stuff that it wasn’t a huge concern. I had almost all of my spiritual needs met through the many facets of the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry at North Carolina State University.

As soon as I graduated, I went overseas for about a year, and there I got a totally different ‘church’ experience: it was about 8 of us. We met in our PJs, drank coffee, worshiped under the leadership of the CD player, and then taught each other what God had been teaching each of us. This was a very good experience.

Then I came home and began working at a small, non-denominational church fellowship that attracted me because of some of the similarities to my overseas experience…. There was lots of freedom given ‘for the spirit to move’, including a time of open sharing, and a time of open prayer. I enjoyed this at first, but I also took note of a lot of drawbacks…

So, about five months ago, I sat in the office of a great pastor/friend and told him all this stuff, along with a lot of other stuff about how being newly married affected my ‘church experience’, and instead of really giving me any advice at all, he challenged me to write a 2-page paper on ‘my ideal church’ (or ‘church fellowship’ for those of you who can’t stand to hear the word ‘church’ unless it’s in reference to every believer in the whole world).

Fast-forward to today. I still haven’t written the first line. It’s not because I don’t want to. I just realized that I was way unqualified to answer the question.

Which is powerful if you think about it.

How can I pray for my church if I don’t know what I want it to be?

So I’ve been studying and praying and thinking, and although that’s still true that I’m not really qualified to answer the question, I think I want to take a crack at it this week, especially as our body is in a very transitional state right now.

But first, what’s your input?

I don’t need you to write a whole essay. But I would love to hear your thoughts!

WordPress says that there are about 100 folks who look at this site every day, but I usually only get 1-2 comments a day. PLEASE ENGAGE ON THIS ONE!

I look forward to hearing what you think…