Christmas and New Years 2007!

Can you believe that it is 2008 already? I was telling Zack the other day that if you would have told me a year ago I was going to be married and have a home, I don’t think I would have believed them. God is extremely good! The blessings and things that we have is unbelievable to me, but my heart is so grateful. Zack had a week off for Christmas, which gave us time to go to visit each of our families and friends. It was pretty jam packed, but there was a lot of laughs and just relaxation for Zack (which he needed).


We spent the weekend before Christmas with my family because my sister and grandparents were going to be there and it’s pretty rare when all of them come to visit at the same time. It was good because we arrived Friday night the day before Adrienne and my grandparents were going to come. We got up pretty early to go and meet with them. Adrienne got a rental car and I was thankful when we got to our destination (she’s got a bit of a lead foot ;0)). Zack finally got introduced to the Pottery (a place that has 32 buildings with 70,000 items like frames, plaster, wood items). Then we went home there was a package and Adrienne wanted me to open it and see if it was from her husband who is Iraq. I checked it out and it was a Tiffany’s box..she was dying to open it right then, but had to wait for the okay from her hubby. Mom and Dad had prepared to cook a feast for us and we kept busy by playing Nertz. It’s a fast card game (think solitaire and speed combined) that I loved to play when I was in Indonesia.

Sunday we went with Mom and Dad to church where they became members of Mr. Billy’s church. I love him so much and his heart wants to serve the Lord sooo much. Grandpa and Grandma took us out to Golden Corral where we stuffed ourselves. After, Adrienne went Christmas shopping for us and then we headed home to open our presents. We ended up staying another night and going down to the Riesland house on Monday.


Zack and I had to go to the house to get some last minute presents before going to the Riesland house. So, I wrapped some last minute gifts because we were going to open presents Christmas Eve because Anthony and Katie had to be in a bunch of different places Christmas. So we were glad to open them on Christmas Eve. We had quite a spread of food to snack on before dinner, but before opening presents Mike wanted to set off some fireworks they picked up on their trip to Florida. I got one good shot from it, but we had a good time chillin and watching each other open some gifts.

Christmas and New Year’s

We enjoyed having a leisurely morning, but it was definitely the breakfast that I am beginning to love. Mike made some awesome biscuits and gravy and some great eggs. We had to leave to visit our friends Sarah and Dan who are such dear friends to us. We love them soooo much. They had us over for some great dinner (chicken and ziti) and games. We took a stroll of their apartment complex and Sarah showed me how to tie a scarf the way they do in Europe. She also shared a great website called wives of faith which I’m beginning to look at more and more everyday! We had them over for some dinner and played games, but we will remember the sweet fellowship and laughs of this holiday. May we remember that this year, to make an eternal difference. To look at those around us and have the love of Christ for our neighbors and strangers that we will meet. Happy New Year!


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  2. Hi Steph, Zack, & Josiah,

    I’m having fun looking at your blog & came upon this entry. That was such a good Christmas for us too having you both over. Such great memories & pictures! Your friendship means so much to us; thank you for being true friends in Christ. We love you 3!
    Sarah (for Dan too)

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