Goals for 2008: First things first

(For those waiting for the followup to the ‘Describe Your Ideal Church’ discussion, don’t despair… I’m not blowing it off. I am reading a book about William Wilburforce that seems quite appropriate to the topic, and I want to finish it before I move on…)

In the meantime, I’m jumping on the bandwagon of people who are posting their goals/resolutions on their blogs. I hesitate to because it’s so cliche, and yet it’s so useful.

  • For one thing, simply writing down my goals forces me to have some, and also to identify them.
  • For another, this provides a (tiny) bit of accountability, and hopefully you (Mr./Mrs. readers will continually challenge me with regard to these).
  • Lastly, I believe that one of the main purposes of community is to create momentum, and I want a momentum towards a life that will count in eternity.

So, having said all that — yesterday, I stumbled across this great list of “questions to ask yourself on new years or on your birthday” that I’m going to use to identify my goals. Since there are a lot of good questions, and since one of my less serious goals is to blog less frequently but more faithfully, I’ll just pick one or two at a time.

I would love it if you want to followup and tell me your answer to these questions too! I believe when they’re all listed, I’ll move them over to a separate page here so that we can look back on them throughout the year.

Ok. Ready? Here we go…

Question 1) What’s one thing you can do this year to increase your enjoyment of God?

Sidenote: see why we’re doing these one at a time? :0)


2007 has been incredibly jam-packed. We got married, Katie and Anthony got married, we worked at a church, we bought a house (which meant moving twice), I got a lot more responsibility at work….

All this has added up to a year that found me — a creature who intensely thrives on routine — with no routine… or a routine that changes every two weeks…

This killed my devotional life. My time with the Lord was very inconsistent and usually did not center on the Word. The effect of this was a lot of anxiety in my heart and mind, as I spent less and less time thinking about the character and nature of God, and more and more time thinking about myself — a terrible exchange. It’s like trading in a Rolls for a Ford Escort.

And I’ve been thinking a lot about what I heard a pastor say at a Campus Crusade Christmas Conference years ago — and I’ve heard many other folks say the same thing in other ways sense then, which means it’s probably in the scripture. Anyways, Harry Reader said that if I find myself in a season of spiritual dryness, I should think back to what I did differently when I felt more satisfied in my walk with the Lord, and start doing that again.

So for me this year, that means waking up and spending some time in the Word and in prayer.

Not because it’s a religious obligation or because it will make me feel better about myself… but because it is my spiritual need, and it will help me forget about myself in light of God.

Before I turn on the computer.

Before I go to the gym or go for a run.

Even if it means less time writing on this blog or reading yours.

Before I start thinking about myself… I want to think about God:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace.