Goals for 2008: Think Big

So, as I mentioned before, I’m going through the ‘10 Questions For the New Year‘, and this is number 2:

Question: What’s the most humanly impossible thing you will ask God for this year?


Wow! Good question. Note that it says ‘humanly’, because with God, all things are possible.

Honestly, I need to pray more about this. So my answer here is sort of tentative, but two things come to mind:

My sister and her family – I’ve written before about my sister Jennifer. Her and her husband, Moses, are trying to raise 5 kids in the very pricey southern Californian economy with very little income. Her story is amazing, and I believe that God is just getting started with her and that family. But they really struggle. Financially and spiritually. And I feel really helpless being so far away. I dream of what this year would be like if they lived 10 miles away, but they live 2,600 miles away. So, I want to ask God to explode in their world. Of course, that isn’t very measurable, so I want to pray about a better way to put that… but there’s one that I’ll continue to prayerfully flesh out.

Raise global awareness in my church – God is doing amazing things at our church. Amazing! I have never been more excited about ‘church’ in my whole life. But I want us to see outside the walls of our building, and outside the walls of our country. And I want our community to see how incredibly wealthy we are. I want people to spend their time/money with opportunity cost in mind. I want people to spend their $50 a month on cable with the understanding that it could provide for all the needs of two kids for a month — two kids who might die without it…

I’m not sure how to approach this one either, but I’m praying about trusting God to rally our body to dig three wells in Africa this year. And I don’t just want to raise the money, I want to really and truly rally people. And I don’t want the money to come out of tithes… I want it to be sacrificial.

I’m still praying about this one, and I’m open to any ideas…