I am legend

Steph and I went to see ‘I Am Legend’ this past weekend. We LOVE movies. We watch like 5 movies a week. We don’t even have bunny ears on our TV, because if we’re going to watch something, it’s going to be from a DVD.
On top of that, Will Smith isĀ  one of my favorite actors out there. So when he makes a movie, I’m there.
That might change now.
The beauty of the movie is that you don’t know what to expect, so I won’t ruin anything. But if you have a hard time with intense movies, cruise on over to google images, and search for the book cover. If I had done this, we would have watched ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ this weekend :0)


  1. dude, I Am Legend was one of the best pictures of the gospel that I have seen – ever. minus the zombies.

    watching it with that perspective of the hideous nature of the zombies makes for a much more contemplative movie… just sayin…

  2. OK. Ok.

    Fair enough. I actually had this conversation after church this past weekend. My friend Mike said the exact same thing, and in fact, Stephanie and I even talked about it on the way home from the movie.

    We’re just not the scary movie types, and we did not know what we were signing up for.

    Plus the theater was FREEZING, and we were the only ones in there, which made it a little more… chilling :0)

  3. .ok..i did not see it that way..the lady told him there was a place and he didnt listen..she even told him since its so silent you can hear the voice of god..he didnt listen again.whaich is funny cause at the beginning he is praying to a god of somekind yet he tells the lady he doesnt believe.the way i saw it is he simply commited suicide when he coulda just gone with the lady.he also had some kind of self pity with stupidness cause he went and wrecked his truck for no reason.thats like getting mad at the person on the other end of the phone and throwing your cell phone and breaking it..yeah that really hurt the other person huh?.anyway i think the lady was representing a true christian and that was about it..i did not see any other gospel message in there.

  4. well, the Gospel mesassage is wide open in this movie “I Am Legend”. The Bible Said that because of one man(Adam) we are all made sinners and because of one man(we might become rightious). In the movie, because of one man(will smith) the humankind become doomed because of this suppose to be anti-cancer that is injected in Him but instead it became the near end of humanity. But after finding the solution using a female zombie, He used her blood as the antidote to save the infected ones but as a result he has to die with the rest of the zombies, I guess the prallel will be like christ dying for us on the cross. watch it again folks!

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