Mike Huckabee is not as weak as you think he is

How many times have you heard someone on TV or the radio or a blog make this argument:

Mike Huckabee is only popular among evangelical christians, and he might win the primary in states that have a lot of evangelicals, but he’ll never get elected.” ?

Justin Taylor points at this article, in which Michael Medved makes a really important argument:

Those who insist, over and over again, that the Iowa Caucuses reflected “Christian identity politics” or a “tidal wave of Evangelical support” are basing their analysis on feelings, not facts; on vapors, not voters. It’s dishonest to say that a guy who just won a crushing state-wide victory, without even winning the majority of his own religious group, displayed a one dimension appeal to Christian zealots only.

This endlessly repeated story line is not only tired, it’s a lie. (emphasis mine)

Your thoughts?