My Mom…

This past weekend, Steph and I stopped by my parents. It was one of those days where you don’t want to have a plan for the day, so we didn’t know we would be coming. We had just gone to see ‘I Am Legend’, and we needed to be around people to decompress a little bit :0)

So we come barging in the door, unannounced, at about 6:30 in the evening.

Within 10 minutes, mom has a plate of vegetables and imitation crab meat (it sounds kind of nasty, but it tastes great with lemon juice and some pepper) in front of us, and she’s asking us how things are going while she makes us some homemade carrot/apple/orange juice with her juicer.

Before I finish my rant about freaky the movie was, she’s already cooking dinner, and insists that we stay.

“No. I just happen to have enough bacon and soup here to make BLTs for an army.”

20 minutes later we’re all sitting down to a good dinner.

And after dinner, while I’m getting spanked at backgammon by my dad (I mean he kicked my but), I notice that my mom and my wife and sitting together with various paint samples from Lowes spread all over the place, and they’re brainstorming and making plans to paint our kitchen:

“Yeah. You’re right that that color scheme would look great with your cabinets, but I think if you went that route, you’d end up painting the hallway too dark. Now, since it doesn’t get much natural light, you probably want to use this color instead of that color…”

40 minutes after that, Stephanie is almost beating my dad at backgammon, even though it’s like her second time ever playing, and mom brings me this pamphlet. She tells me that some woman is explaining how theoretical physics can give us some insight into the character of God. Then she starts explaining to me, quite clearly, what it says….

I love my mom…


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