Our First Christmas Party

This post is extremely extremely behind, but I had great intentions of posting it a few weeks ago. There will be more holiday posts coming! :0)


Well, this time last week I had gotten some serious progress on moving things out of our closet. I wanted our house to be really clean before people came over. Let me explain just a little bit. Since June we have used our 2 guest bedroom closets as storage for anything an everything (boxes, random papers, etc.). So I made it my personal mission to clean everything out. I took one project at a time and found our attic for the first time and put all of the boxes up there. Then I proceeded to organize everything and put our guest bed up even though we don’t have a bed. I am so thankful that in seminary I purchased a double decker air mattress and then we got an aero bed for our wedding. My clever thinking…you guessed it I stacked the air mattresses.


Ask my roommates in seminary. I am not a great cook. My roomie Dawn always cooked for the girls and was/is great at cooking. She is quite the entertainer. I am just learning the ins and outs of cooking myself. I must tell you that it is awesome to be in the kitchen whipping up something for guests. There’s a certain satisfaction in completing and working hard on a meal. I decided to use Zack’s mom recipe for lasagna. Zack tried to convince me to just get 2 store bought lasagnas, but I told him I wanted to make 1. This is the store bought, which was hardly touched. :0)

Party on

Everyone was enjoying fellowship until dinner was ready and it was really good to see people laughing and meeting for the first time. We finished up eating and then headed to play telephone pictionary. It’s just like it sounds you have a stack of papers for each person and it starts by writing down a sentence, but you have to have a theme. Our theme was Christmas….and so it began. You write a sentence take your stack of papers and have the person next to you attempt to draw it and so and on and so forth. It makes everyone laugh and it’s just good fun. After the pictionary game we played our white elephant game and it was funny to see who got what. Our friend Eddie got a telephone that looked like a motorcycle. The thing I loved the most was everyone was having a good time. I loved chatting and seeing all of our friends and family. Fun times!! Here’s some more random pics…

Our telephone pictionary time!

Eddie and his motorcycle phone!!