Gone for the weekend…

Right now, Stephanie is on her way to pick me up from work.

She knows that we’re going somewhere for our anniversary, but she doesn’t know where :0)

I had originally planned for a four-day weekend, but the folks at work had other ideas about how I should spend Monday and Tuesday, so we’llĀ  be spending a short weekend in Buxton, NC.

Where? Buxton, better known as Hatteras Island. Stephanie always said that she loves lighthouses, and would like to do some photography of one sometime, so we’ll be staying one mile away from this:

Cape Hatteras Light House is the tallest one in America.

We’ll also go to see this one, about 11 miles away:

Ocracoke Lighthouse isn’t quite as glamorous, but hopefully I’ll still get some cool points for it :0)

So if you’re reading this, please pray that we have an awesome weekend celebrating our first year of marriage!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I can’t believe you’ve already been married for one year.

    I really like your web site. I also left you a comment under “who”

    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Buxton. I wish I could say that I would be celebrating 38 years of marriage on February 14th but – oh- well – someone ruined that for me. Come to see us.

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