Our weekend in pictures

Friday night we rented “Enchanted”. Neat idea… way too many songs :0(

Spent Saturday morning at church doing some Spring cleaning. I got to balance on top of big ladders…

Then me and my honey went out for a while. I got some Starbucks :0)

We went to Target and scoped out the baby stuff…

Had a little dinner…

Then we watched Indiana Jones… not nearly as good as I was expecting.

This morning, we played hookey from church, and had some Bible study time at McDonalds. We talked about the Holy Spirit, and abiding in Christ.

We came home and watched “She’s Having a Baby”. It was… weird.

And now we’re trying to figure out what to do next, which will probably amount to popping in another baby-related movie. Steph will be all bundled up in a blanket and hard-core into it, and I’ll probably keep goofing around on the internet or change my guitar strings or something random… Sundays are great!