Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Baby Riesland

We took our third trip to the doctor yesterday and we got to see our little guy/girl!

As you can see, Baby Riesland is about 10 weeks old and measures about 4 cm from but to head… and somewhat resembles a turtle :0)

I was really excited because it was dancing around like it was having a party or something.

Maybe Steph will write more about it later…


  1. Hey, I found him! Well, I think I’ll just call him little Zackie for now. Your mom told me you were thinking of Barnabus. Good name (at least if you know the meaning). Problem is, most will call him Barney, and the old folks (like me) will think of either Barney Rubble or Barney from Mayberry USA! But whatever you decide, we’ll call him…especially when he looks like he’s going to get himself into trouble! God bless you three…you’re the best parents already!

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