Precious Moments

The Lord is doing great things in the Riesland household. We have been just blessed by what the Lord has done in our marriage and the new beginnings of our family. Zack already mentioned that visit our doctor’s again yesterday. I so enjoyed sitting in the waiting room chatting with my husband about his day. If you read our blog regularly pray for him because work is stressful these days. But, we sat and laughed about friends and our days before the nurse called me back. The process is funny because you go get your weight checked (fun times), they check your blood pressure, and then you get to pee in a cup. I’m getting to be a pro at it, I make sure I drink a ton of water right before I go to the doctor’s. Then Zack came back with me and we went to see our doctor where she asked a bunch of history questions for both sides of our family before she scooted us over to the ultrasound room.

The best part for Zack and I was when we could see the baby on screen. I’ve seen many a ultrasound before where they have stilled pictures, but I could see the little heart beating away. It took my breath away to see how tiny our baby was and yet his/her little limbs were all over the place like they were dancing. Zack said that the baby was waving at his mom and dad. It’s still so surreal for both of us, especially for me when I think back a couple of months ago thinking how much I wanted to be a mom. I will never forget a mentor of mine telling me that in the fullness of time God would bring me my mate. He has also brought our first child into our lives at just the right moment! :0)

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