Rob Bell’s New Book

I think my feelings about Rob Bell are pretty similar to my feelings about rap music when I was in high school… I liked the style and the way it was trendy, and it stirred up emotions in me, and told stories about our world and what is bad and what needs to change… and I also felt guilty because of the profanity and the mental images is stirred up.

Mr. Bell definitely isn’t profane, but I still feel guilty for liking the guy. I guess this is because he is so good at showing what is broken in our world and especially in our American christian church. I agree with him on almost all of the things he articulates so well about the heart of Christ for the lost and needy. He points out our need for Christ so well, but seems so bad at ever mentioning the big ‘R’ word: repentance.

I have never ever in my life heard him utter the word or the notion.

Nevertheless, I’ll probably read the new book, “Jesus Wants to Save Christians”.

…and I’ll probably feel guilty for liking it :0)

Do you think you’ll read it?