For my sister… 22nd week

I have not written on this blog in ages, and my sister let me know that I need to put more “belly pictures up”. So here is me starting my 22nd week. How the time has flown by! It’s hard to believe almost a month ago we went for our last ultrasound where you saw our son sucking his thumb and hiding from the camera. It has been such a roller coaster of excitement, hormones, cravings, and new discoveries being pregnant. Our little “peanut” has begun to kick more and more and seems to be active in the morning and at night. I can no longer see my toes unless I act as if I’m going to bend over, I’m more emotional and hormonal..just ask Zack, and my temperature has drastically changed. I’m no longer cold at night, but throwing off all of the blankets and sleeping with a sheet :0). I also don’t take steaming hot showers like I used to before I got pregnant and my eating has definitely increased. I’m more hungry now, but I always say I’m growing a person in here. I go for another appointment this week, where I’ll pee in a cup for them to check my protein levels/iron/blood pressure and then who knows. I’m sure they’ll measure my stomach. One of my friends reminded me I’m “popping out” and you can see it in this lovely picture.

I have to tell this cute story though before I sign off. I was hanging out with some friends of mine and their kids and all of the girls and I were sitting on the couch (they are all around the age of 8 or 9). Well this one girl was grilling me with the usual questions: when are you due, have you picked out any names? I told her I had lots of time because the baby wasn’t coming until November, to which she replied really? You don’t look it. I thought you were going to have the baby a lot sooner because your tummy looks really big. She continued with “my mom’s friends stomach is a lot smaller”. If I was having one of my pregnant emotional days I would have burst into tears and been really upset, but I got a kick out of it and it made me giggle. Out of the mouths of babes.


  1. eh, ignore the comments. you look ravishing and people are going to say the DUMBEST things. trussssst me.

  2. Hey Cousin! love the pictures and the stories! So more emotional huh? great…i wont let chris know. I am already a pretty emotional person! And i since birth control i am always hot when i sleep!! yikes i would never get comfortable! Well i hope you are able to sleep well and really enjoy this time! i am very excited for you. You are going to be an awesome mommy!

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