What’s Been Happening (part 2)

About a week ago I started this story at Starbucks. I wrote until my Pike’s Place was gone and the post looked unreadably long, and decided I would just finish it in a part 2.

So… here we go.

As I said, about three weeks after interviewing for a job with a company that I had never even heard of before, I got a call.

And the timing was great, because Steph and I were having a very crappy day. (If you’re single, brace yourself for certain days in marriage where you and your spouse both love each other and really don’t have anything against each other, but it’s like there’s some demon of communication in between who takes everything you want to say and makes it sound unloving. So you spend the day feeling like your spouse is mad at you, and you’re mad at yourself because you know they feel the same way.)

Anyways… one of those kinds of days, and I got a call with a job offer! I would never put my salary on my blog, but to give you an idea of how God dreams differently, I’ll put it this way: I’m up for another raise at work right now. The raise I’m getting by taking this job is 5 times as much as the raise I would get by staying. Plus the benefits are a little better, and I’ll get a little more time off.

On top of that, the new company has already worked with me to help me line up some time off to go with our youth group to Chimney Rock for a long weekend, and also to take a week off when our little peanut is born.

So, where will I be working?

Gilbarco Veeder Root headquarters in Greensboro, NC

This Tuesday, I will be working at Gilbarco Veeder-Root.

What will I be doing there? Good question.

I will be writing software for these:

gilbarco gas pumps

“But Zack” you say. “Software in a gas pump? What’s up with software in a gas pump?”

Great question. Ask me again in about 2 weeks and I will have a great answer for you!

That makes this my last week at IIS. It’s been a great job and I’ve really enjoyed the friendships I’ve made everything I’ve learned about developing software. But I know they’ll be just fine without me.

In fact, I’m not really sure too many folks will even notice that I’m gone.

So praise Jesus with Steph and I for being a great, great Provider. And pray that I will excell at this job and that God will use it to spread passion for His glory among the people I’ll be working with!


  1. Het Zack i am really happy for u,and hope the job goes very well.I know u have the braines to do whatever so it will work out .Take care and God bless u Love Arletta

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