I bought a christian t-shirt

Our local Family Christian Bookstore had a big sale yesterday, and they had a big pile of t-shirts for 50-75% off. I happened to spot this one and it caught my eye. As you can see, the front lists many (all?) of the names of God, which just makes me happy.

But then I flipped it over and read the back. It says, “All that Christ is, He is for you.”

I wasn’t sure what to think about that….

I think you could read that two different ways:

1) “God offers all of Himself to you, to demonstrate His greatness and glory by completely satisfying you with all that He is, no matter who you are.”

2) “God exists for you. You can think of him like a big Genie in the sky. Or a pet, perhaps.”

The first way seems good to me. The second seems bad….

In the end, I liked the front so much that I decided to get it anyways, but I’m wondering whether I should change the back.

I was hoping you all could give me some feedback here:

Does the wording on the shirt bother you?

Do you think it clearly communicates Truth about God?

If not, what would you do with a sharpie to change it?