Zaney Acrobatic Charismatic Kicker

So it’s been almost a week since you’ve seen anything on this here blog or twitter get updated.

There’s a reason for that: I started my new job Tuesday.

With the new job comes a new office with new rules and new people. Here’s the skinny so far:

  • It’s 78 miles from our driveway to my new office :0( (I have to work in Greensboro for a couple of months, and then my drive will be much shorter).
  • In 78 miles, I do not pass a single Starbucks :0(
  • There is free coffee at work :0)
  • The free coffee at work is terrible :0(
  • There is a cafeteria at work where I can buy better coffee :0)
  • That coffee is also pretty terrible :0(
  • The pens at work are very nice :0)
  • I am not allowed to use iTunes anymore :0(
  • I am not allowed to use Twitter anymore :0(
  • I am not allowed to use Facebook anymore :0(
  • So far I have listened to three sermons, one episode of ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’, and half an episode of “This American Life” on the road to and from work :0)
  • My blog is not on the list of stuff I’m not allowed to mess with at work :0)
  • It takes me about 10 minutes to walk from my car to my cube :0|
  • They give out free newspapers at the door :0)
  • The cubes at work are very short, so we can stand up and see each other :0)
  • The office is always freezing cold :0(
  • I walk through a huge factory where they make gas pumps on the way to my cube :0)
  • They have assigned me a very nice, very patient brother in Christ to teach me everything I need to know :0)
  • My first day my teammates took me out to lunch and we ended up collectively witnessing to out manager the whole time :0) :0) :0)

I’ll have to update you some more when there’s time!