Baby Shower Recap

Every time I write on this blog, it seems that the amount of time between postings from me gets longer and longer. But, Zack put up the last batch of pics from the shower and I thought I would fill you in on all of the fun we had. The shower was at our house and Zack and I spent the night at Teresa’s house (my other mom :0)) while the girls set up for the next day. I was so excited about everything I had little sleep that night (plus I forgot my body pillow).

On Saturday Aug. 2 we arrived at our house and were greeted by all of our hosts and I walked into a mountain of presents and I was thinking our lil “peanut” is already spoiled. It was incredible to see the amount of outpouring from friends and family. Zack and I were truly blessed to be apart of such a family of love and generosity. The guests poured in and we ended up just talking and fellowshipping for the first hour and then proceeded to pray and then eat. There was an array of fruit and veggies and some quiche and other goodies to go along with it. After eating we played some fun games. The first was a word scramble that had to do with babies/baby items/things for mom. I did absolutely horrible at it because I was running on little sleep. The other games we had was put the diaper on the baby and then the candy bar game (which I enjoyed the best). In 8 separate diapers the girls put a type of candy bar and melted it in the microwave. Our job…to figure out by smelling what the type of candy bar it was. It looked worse than anything else.

It was fun memories for me because I got to see some friends I hadn’t seen since we got married and others it had been almost a year. So now our nursery has some furniture a ton of clothes and the floor is covered with gifts. Praise the Lord for all of His blessings.

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  1. I agree – Lil “peanut” looks like he’s going to be a boxer! You look so cute pregnant, however, are you sure your due date is not sooner? Peggy says Hi and tell Lil “Peanut” hi (and Zack too).

    You probably don’t know this but Sheila’s husband passed away July 16th. She’s doing fair but has some days better than others.

    Another bit of news – I will be leaving Chatham Development on August 14th. I begin a new job August 18th at Grey Stone Baptist Church in Durham.

    Where can I email you instead of giving you all these messages on your web?

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