2 Months

I was driving to work yesterday, and between my debating thoughts about whether to stop at Starbucks (and whether to buy an apple fritter if said stop at Starbucks were to happen), I got to thinking about time and changes. Well, to be fair, I think about everything in the world while I’m on my way to work, especially if I don’t have a good sermon or something to listen to. It should probably be illegal for someone with a mind as twisted as mine to be alone with their thoughts for 80 minutes at a stretch…

But back to time…

About 2 months ago I started my new job (history on that here and here). I can’t tell you how much of a blessing this job has been. Who gets a much better job with much better pay and much better environment and much better insurance and much better everything in the middle of a recession?

I’ve been a little bit stressed about money these past couple of weeks. Steph went on a little vacation with her family; we had to drop a big chunk of money into car maintenance; apparently they forgot to send us the property tax bill for Steph’s car last year, so we need to pay double this year… little stuff like that adds up, and we’re not paying off our debts nearly as aggressively as I’d like.

But the Lord stopped me in my tracks yesterday: “Seriously? You’re not only paying all your bills but you’re paying off your debts and handling these unexpected expenses and now you’re going to be stressed because it’s not working exactly the way you thought?”

It was a good reality check. I don’t know what we would’ve done if God hadn’t come through at just the right time… crazy how He’s always doing that.

And 2 months from now, if God wills, we’re going to have a little boy to take care of!

I think part of the reason that God designed pregnancy to last 9 months is that it takes just about that long for us to come around to the idea of being a parent. So far, we’ve gone through shock, wonder, fear, excitement… and now we’re just trying to make sure we have our ducks in a row.

Everyone keeps telling us how much work it’s going to be, and how little sleep we’re going to get, and how babies don’t really even feel like people for the first couple of weeks…

We watched a ‘training’ video last night that said that Steph and I are going to interact like strangers for months after the baby is born. One couple talked about how the baby was such an interruption to their way of life, and nothing gets done anymore.

But I don’t buy it. I think the interruption factor is there by design. I think God makes the whole baby/pregnancy/parenting system to help us realize that we are not in control of anything.

I can’t wait to hold my son, and go for walks with him and teach him to ride a bike and pray with him and teach him to love Jesus.

And you know his mug is going to be plastered all over this blog, so stay tuned!