I’ve been thinking about this song a lot today

I’ve been putting on and putting off too many people
And I’m getting old to live
like an injured man
ailments and unfilled prescriptions,
like the nose on my face
Like a broken boat,
a safety raft,
and a love for the water
I just can’t decide
To sink or swim,
it’s me or them,
Should I save myself
or go back for the others?

Because maybe there’s no gray and I was wrong to tell ’em so
And maybe all that I’ve to do was done a long time ago

Because there was life before my life
There was provision before my need
There was redemption before my sin
For the sake of the world I thank the Lord
That the truth’s not contingent on me

Because I’ve been dressing up and dressing down for too many people
And I’m a little young to live
Like a troubled boy,
a troubled soul,
a fish out of water
Because we’re all just the same
We’re all just as good,
and just as bad,
and just as distracted
By the corners of our eyes
As our fathers were,
and theirs before
and all those before them,
And still I glance around

And with the way I stare you’d think I’d seen through a two-by-four
And with the way I walk you’d think I’d never seen grace before

But I’ve been putting up, putting down too many things
That I know nothing about,
but I’m jealous of, holding pride as tight as I can
like she was my only daughter…