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My good friend Tricia and her husband just moved to Thailand with hopes of seeing children come to know Christ.

It’s especially interesting for me to read about their adventures because a couple of years ago I was with Tricia in Central Asia for a year and we learned a lot from each other as we adapted to life in a new culture.

If you haven’t made it over there yet, you should visit their blog and tell them you’re praying!

A few days ago, she had an especially thoughtful post.

Here’s a excerpt:

I also find myself a little bit resentful that I can just go down the street to the ‘mall’ to go to Starbucks or McDonalds, KFC or Burger King. Then, I find myself pretty thankful for the convenience of being able to buy the same toiletries and groceries here, more or less. One of the reasons that I wanted to come here was to live life more ‘simply’. I found myself so much closer to the Lord in Uzbekistan, when I wasn’t surrounded by all the ‘stuff’ that America has to offer. I really hope to find that here, even though it is not as simplistic here as Uz. Probably, this is more of a heart issue than anything else anyway.

We also went to a church here last night, and I found myself very critical of how they did things in a ‘third-culture’ environment. I kept thinking, “This is not how we did things in Crusade… Is this really being sensitive to the Thai culture?… This seems like an American church transplanted to Bangkok…” Whoa, Tricia… “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

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