Rob got married!

You know in life, there are some relationships that are very give-and-take. You invest a lot into someone for a season, and they often reciprocate, back and forth. You encourage them today, they encourage you tomorrow, and at any given time, they’ve put as much in your bank as you’ve put in theirs?

And there are other friendships that are very one-sided. Someone chooses to selflessly invest in you when you’re not in any position to return it? They just pour themself into you for a season and then move on, and you know that in their heart they’re hoping that you’ll make the investment count eternally for them?

For me, Rob (far-right above) is the second kind of guy. For 5 years at NC State, he invested heavily into my life, along with most of the other guys in the photo above (they sang “Dixie Land Delight” at my wedding). I can’t think of any other person I’m not related to who has had more influence on me becoming who I am. And the crazy thing is, we don’t really keep in touch very much anymore. He made a huge deposit in my life and when the time came, he just backed way off, expecting nothing in return.

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of seeing Rob tie the knot with someone who’s been an important part of his life for a while now. It was a great night and a true celebration. And it was awesome to catch up with some of my college buds.

I didn’t take many pictures, but here are a few (and you can see the rest here):