Selah, for some of you you’re like what in the world does that mean? You can find the word mostly in the Psalms, but also in a few other places. It is a musical term that means to pause, or reflect. It’s also believed that when the word Selah appears it indicates an instrumental interlude because the Psalms are poetry often set to music. I love that. Even as I’m sitting here listening to music with our son in my belly. I realize that there is so much to reflect on for me.

I want to share with you the reflections of these past couple of months for me. It has been an awesome transformation, but also a difficult road. I say that only to show the glimmer of how great God’s goodness and mercy has been to me. Day after day he is actively seeking after us. As his daughter, I’m overwhelmed and amazed at how precious this life can be. Recently, Zack got me a book by Francis Chan called Crazy Love. I haven’t gotten through that much, but it made me think about this life and how short it really is. I’m going to be 27 on the 28th and my prayer was “Lord I don’t want to waste this life”. There’s a story in the book where this 14 year old girl had a vision to reach so many people for the Lord. She would buy bibles with her extra money, and she lived an extravagant life for Jesus. She died in a tragic car accident, but there were so many people who came to her funeral and came to know Jesus. As I sat in the glider (my favorite place to sit now) in the nursery I just wept at the thought of how precious her life must have been to look at.

On a completely different note,  I’m sure a lot of you are wondering how many weeks/days I have left. It’s officially 8 weeks/52 days left until my due date and the wonder of our son inside while he squirms and moves makes Zack and I so excited to meet him! We’re making preparations slowly, but surely on the rest of the details for his homecoming. The other day my parents purchased a crib for us, so I made the journey to Durham to pick it up along with the mattress. I spent 4 hours putting it together and was grateful that Zack was home to help me when I got frustrated at the directions. We have our childbirth class this Friday and we’re also doing a teaching called Preparing for Parenting.

What else? Oh I just got back from Vegas visiting my sister and there will be more pictures to come. My mom, grandmother, and I had a great time. It had been so long since we had all been together. We went to Lake Mead, spent time going to different casinos, looked at antique shops, got some souvenirs, and watched the Water show at the Bellagio. We didn’t get that much sleep because Adrienne got a new puppy, but she is very cute.

I’m doing a new Beth Moore Study called Believing God. It’s going to be very good, and I’m excited to have great fellowship with all of the ladies. It’s amazing how connected you feel when you’re in a community of people who you can just be real with and understand what

the church really means. Ok…I’ll leave with random pics :0).


  1. Hey Steph. I’m so glad you made these comments about Selah (I was actually reading Psalms this week) I just learned, within the last few years, what Selah actually means. The whole idea of pausing and reflecting is totally against the way of the world. Everything is go-go-go. God calls us to wait and follow, not run ahead and ask for blessings later. Selah captures this principle so well. Amazing what one little word can mean…

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