1. I have been waiting for this day for you since we first met, somewhere around 96′!! Oh, this precious boy will be loved!! I can’t begin to tell you how children break your heart. You will find joy in the smallest things and life will finally be alive. Your eyes will see new things and your ears will hear the most beautiful sounds ever. You will cry new tears that your face has never felt before and your skin will feel both miraculous and strong at the same time. Your body as a “temple” becomes a whole new meaning. Motherhood is what you, stephanie, were made for. You are beautiful. Welcome to the begining of your life.

  2. congrads, we love you guys, may the lord bless you 3. please send me some pics, let me know what i can send to you guys, we are all so very happy for you all. kiss my boy for us, xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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