Down to the wire

There is one month remaining until our due date! Isn’t that insane? It seems like just yesterday we woke up and found out we were pregnant. It has been such a joy really. I’m sitting in our kitchen looking at the stuff that needs to be put away, but I am having fun thinking about holding our son. The Lord has been so good to us and we’re truly grateful for everything.

Last month my mom and sister gave me another baby shower in Virginia. It was such a thrill to be with family I hadn’t seen in a long time. My aunt and uncle with two of their girls came and oh how they have grown. There were some people I hadn’t seen in a while and it was good to hear some stories of their labor/deliveries. I will leave some pictures up, but all of the time and effort that both my mom, sister and grandmother put in was very much appreciated (thanks for the chocolate covered strawberries ;0)). All of the pictures you can see at picasa. :0)

I was hoping grandma didn’t stick me with the needle. :0)

Adrienne diligently helping and how excited I was about this wonderful gift!

Mom and grandma setting up. Check out the cool diaper cake mom made (Adrienne says it was her idea) :0).

Zack took me on a great birthday weekend to Wrightsville beach! It was a good chance for us to get away as husband and wife before our little bundle comes. It both reminded us of our anniversary being at the beach. He took me to a nice restaurant close to the beach called Boca Bay (thanks to a recommendation from a friend of ours) and we had some good seafood. Before we had left our house our water heater had broken so we were thankful for some hot showers when we were at the hotel. When we got back to our house the water heater was still broken. Today it was fixed with just switching out a broken circuit breaker (we’re so glad it wasn’t worse). During the time we didn’t have hot water my husband was gracious enough to boil some hot water on the stove so we could at least take a bath while we waited for hot water.

I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday and our son is head down (great position), my blood pressure was normal and his heart beat was good (146 which is normal). They also checked to see if I was dialated at all and the doctor said that my cervix is still closed but from now until my due date I have a doctor’s appointment every week. So we’ll keep y’all in the loop, but we’re thrilled to meet our son. Thank you Lord for all of your gifts that you give us. :0)

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