Help Steph pick her ‘labor’ playlist

It’s almost that time!

“Full Term” pregnancy is 37 weeks, and we passed that point on Sunday, so our little guy could come any day now!

One of the things our labor and delivery coach encouraged us to do is to use music in the delivery room, and Steph liked the idea. She said you might want different kinds of music for different stages of the delivery, and based on your own preferences.

I bought a cheap little battery-operated boombox that we can hook the iPod up to, but Steph still needs to make her ‘labor’ playlist.

What would you put on it?

(guys can feel free to chime in… it should be interesting to see the difference between the sexes on this one)


  1. Ha I love country so thats what I shall pick 🙂

    “Its your love” – Tim and Faith

    Anything by George Strait 🙂 what better way to bring your child into the world haha 🙂
    “Check Yes or No” -George Strait
    “I Saw God Today” -George Strait 🙂

    oh also the NC State Fight song 🙂 just for fun haha.

  2. Ha! Nice choices so far…

    Actually, I think “I Saw God Today” is a great pic, especially given that the song is about the day his daughter is born!

    Not sure how she’ll feel about the fight song though…

  3. When I had Stephanie 27 years ago I listened to GooD Vibrations by the Beach Boys. MOM

  4. “How deep the Fathers Love for us”….so into this song recently..

    I love this idea..definitely going to use it when our turn comes.

  5. Dad is afraid that if he clicks in the wrong place, we’ll bomb russia or something, but he wanted to add “Did I Shave My Legs For This?” and “Take This Job and Shove It”

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