It’s the small things…

This time last year, Steph and I were in Stone Ridge, NY. We went for a wedding, but as a birthday gift for Steph, we stayed a couple extra days at a bed and breakfast called the 1712 House.

Steph took this photo while we drove around exploring. We saw the most beautiful fall colors that I have ever seen!

This photo somewhat captures where I’ve been lately…

I recently received some strange encouragement. Strange because of how it was packaged… and delivered. But in the end, God used it to help me realize that just as I need to take steps to avoid being too busy physically, I also need to take steps to avoid being too busy mentally.

In an information age with tools and resources like the internet, twitter, facebook, google news, cnn, npr, podcasts, blogs, youtube… there is so much information available that it can make for somewhat of an information addiction. And not only that, but it’s really distracting from the still, small voice of God.

It has its place, to be sure. Steph and I don’t have any kind of TV (besides the thing we use to watch movies), so these things can help me stay connected to the world. And to be honest, they usually help my work day go by a little faster. Things like Twitter and facebook are just fun!

But if I don’t realize what’s happening, these tools also leave me diminished. I see that this person bought a new one of these, and that person now has a problem with this leader, and I listened to that sermon which got me to thinking about that relationship, and that story about the economy really left me with a nervous feeling…

And it can all add up and leave you exhausted… and too tired to even think about what God might be saying.

So… I made some small adjustments:

  • less coffee: OK. I’m not ready to totally give it up right now, but all things in moderation. Staying totally wired on caffeine feeds this whole unhealthy cycle.
  • stop following a lot of folks: I cleaned out my twitter account. I now only follow the folks who are either encouraging to me, or just plain fun. Those folks who tweet every new thing that happens or every cool thing they buy or whatever… I’ll pass.
  • change my homepage: Google news is gone. Just plain old search engine now. And the crazy thing is, I no longer spend 15 minutes getting freaked out about the world every time I open firefox!
  • don’t be part of someone else’s addiction: I am now more careful about what I contribute to the social networking world. If it isn’t edifying, personal, or just plain really funny, I don’t want to distract you with it.

Can anybody relate?


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